One of the joys of being a fledgling business is that people are fascinated with where you’ve come from, what you’re about and why you’ve chosen the name and logo you have.  The ‘About Us’ section of our website answers the first two queries, but why ‘Sun and Stars’ and where does our logo come from?  If you’re interested…read on to find out.

In bushcraft, and for many, many centuries prior, the sun and the stars have been paramount to navigation.  They can tell you where you are, where you’re going and even what the weather may be like when you get there.  Vikings used to use Sunstones to locate the sun even when hidden behind cloud to aid in their navigation, such was its importance.

With this in mind, Sun & Stars Bushcraft is set up to guide the beginner through the outdoor life, just as the sun and stars have guided many an adventurer throughout the ages.  More than this, however, we hope to encourage participants in our programs to use their skills to navigate their personal life, to build resilience, to face challenges, to walk with confidence and stand up to fear.  Such is the power of the outdoors and adventurous activities to reflect into one’s own urban life…so they may take the forest with them.

Our logo has been designed to try and embody all this in one simple design.  The green hills are actually based on Mt Lawson, a beautiful twin peaked hill in the D’aguilar range of the Samford Valley that seems to stand so proud as I drive down the road and witness it each morning.  They are green to reflect our local climate of Eucalypt trees and Subtropical Rainforest.  We don’t have snow-capped peaks here in South East Queensland, or much that projects above the tree line.

Leading to this range in our logo (the metaphorical destination) is a path with a fork in the road.  The adventurer is the only one who can choose which way to go.  Is one way better or worse than the other?  Can you tell?  Will they lead to the same destination?  This is all made easier with a map, but so often in life we have no map, as we do not here, but a decision must be made and one must push forward, else all you do is stand still.  It’s possible the wrong decision may be made, but that’s ok, stop, re-evaluate and change tack next time.

In the sky above are obviously the sun and the stars, aiding our adventurer in their decision.  The sun to the left, and the stars to the right, depicted out together to show their twin importance.  The wavy sky symbolises the sun’s heat, and the tan colours, not only reminiscent of the yellow of the sun itself, but also following the earthy tones that permeate throughout the logo.

Many may reasonably expect that the constellation choice illustrating the stars should have been the Southern Cross, signifying Australia which would locate the business and the illustrate the prime way to find South at night.  This would definitely fit well, but for one, I feel the Southern Cross is a tad overused, but more than that Orion holds a personal connection for me.

Orion was the first constellation I ever learned and I always remember seeing it outside my bedroom window as a child.  I remember my first adventures away from home, and the familiarity of looking up to Orion always made me feel connected to home wherever I was in the world.  It is an interesting fact that, being on the celestial equator, Orion is one of the few constellations that can be seen from both hemispheres, and even if it does appear ‘upside down’ here in Australia, it is definitely still Orion, and still holds me connected to my roots.  Orion also contains some of the brightest stars; Rigel and Betelgeuse and is an easy way to find Sirius…all of which aid in navigation and telling the time at night.

Let us also not forget that Orion also represents ‘The Hunter’ and what better Greek Myth could there be to personify the bushcraft ideal than the mighty archer?

All this symbolism is finally wrapped up in a circular ‘patch’ just like the traditional camp patches or scout patches so prevalent in the outdoors world.  It is no accident that many say the logo reminds them of their own time in scouting, nor that embroidered patches will be made available for sale and use on your favourite bushcraft pack or camp blanket.

So there you have it, I hope you’ve enjoyed a small behind the scenes look into the origin of our name and logo.  Every part of our brand has been quite deliberately thought out and we hope it resonates with you, in your own way.  Leave us some feedback below and tell us what you like about it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.