School Holiday Bushcraft

Does your child need some outdoor time and adventure in their lives?  Bored during school holidays and never know what to do?  Why not join one of our School Holiday Bushcraft Programs.

Ran for 5 days during the school holidays  a small group of 9-12 year olds will be taught the very essence of bushcraft. From Shelter building, to firecraft, knife skills, axemanship, navigation and emergency signalling to name but a few, our program provides an introduction to all these and more.

Each day we build another useful camp item to make our camp that bit comfier, we learn how to procure fresh water from nature and immerse ourselves in the ecosystem.  We connect to nature through our Earth Arts program, making primitive pottery and paints from the very earth we are walking on, to carving useful and beautiful items out of sticks found on the ground with our new found knife skills and even dye some camp shemaghs for the children to take home.

Your child will not only learn useful life skills, but will become part of a team as we all work together to make an amazing campsite and celebrate on the final day by painting it and ourselves and cooking our lunch over the open fire.

A wonderful experience for all young kids whilst their parents are at work and without having to spend a night away from home to do so.  Head to our calendar to see when the next program is being run and book your place now!