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Friday afternoon equals BUSHCLUB! At the end of a busy week, it’s always great to reconnect with nature and set up for a good weekend ahead. It’s no different for your children, but often those Friday afternoons can get fraught with over-tiredness. Why not send them to us for some nature connection time?

In the beautiful backdrop of the eucalypt and pine forest of Baden Powell Park, conveniently located just a few minutes from Samford Village centre, Sun and Stars Bushcraft invites you to their after-school Bushclub.

The program runs every Friday during term time, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm and is open to anyone aged 4 to 17.

Throughout our time we will be pondering the question of what it takes to thrive in the bush and how can we feel more at home there. Investigating this question will include survival skills, nature connection and community building. We will explore, challenge and play, light fires, sing, dance and run, growing together in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

We are excited to have four mentors this term, which means more kids can come and join in the fun! This term we will be planning, creating and building our new outdoor space. We’ve had some great ideas from the kids already including a herb garden, building a shelter with a green roof, bird watching, bait traps, weaving, observation and art corner, building a gnome house, creating a woodchopping area and meditation spot, just to name a few! Each week we will focus on one particular bushcraft project, play games, learn skills, be physically challenged, hear stories and enjoy some Earth Arts all together as one tribe.



We request that all parents get their child to the Meeting Tree on time. This not only helps all the children transition well into the afternoon, but we are only in this space a short time before walking to base-camp, so late drop offs get particularly tricky. We actively encourage kids to get dirty so clothes you are happy for them to do this in are a must. Please also send your child with the following items;

An appropriately sized backpack containing;

• A water bottle
• Spare change of clothes
• Rain jacket/sun hat etc. as appropriate to conditions*
• We will provide a small afternoon tea of fruit, popcorn, tea/hot chocolate and marshmallows around the camp fire, but if your child needs more food, please make sure they have something extra in their pack to see them through

*we run our programs in all conditions except storms and will adjust any plans according to the weather that day. Part of being in the bush means learning to handle rain and sun alike, but we must dress appropriately for this.

Our sibling discount will continue according to the following table which will be calculated for you at checkout by purchasing the appropriate tickets;

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