Adventure 36

New to outdoor recreation or bush adventures?  Perhaps you’ve always liked the idea of ‘going bush’ but never had the nerve because you’re not sure how?  Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past and thought ‘never again’…let Sun and Stars Bushcraft take the reins as we lead you through a bespoke 36-hour adventure full of physical and mental challenges, breathtaking views, awe inspiring locations and new experiences.

Adventure 36 is an adult program ran ad-hoc throughout the year.  Its design is to provide a tailor made 36-hour challenge for an individual or small group of people (no more than 4) to provide an introduction into the outdoors and an opportunity for personal growth.

Upon booking, you will be sent a questionnaire that will ascertain your abilities, experience, fitness level and so forth.  From this document a multi-disciplinary trip will be designed that challenges you at your level.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, which is why it’s important that we understand what works for you.  It’s also why we keep our group sizes small, so we can focus on the members in the team rather than some arbitrary goal. The trip will push you just enough to try new things and feel the reward of achievement, without setting the bar so high as to be unattainable.  This is the skill and point of difference with this program as opposed to other group hikes you may see advertised.

Each adventure will start at a nominated location within 2 hours of your home at 0700, and terminate at 1900 the following day.  You will be led on a trip that may include bush walking, kayaking, canyoning, cycling, 4WD, climbing, abseiling or something else and all involve an overnight stay.  You will not be made aware of the activities planned until you come upon them and must surrender to the group leader.  This sense of trust and commitment is often the first challenge for many!

Throughout the trip, advice and education is provided on correct techniques and strategies, not only for the activities included but also for general wilderness safety, health and wellbeing.  Examples are how to walk correctly to ease knee injuries, fitting and packing a correct backpack, setting up a shelter, selecting a campsite, first aid, bush safety, situational awareness, weather systems and so forth.  We are more than guides, we will explain what we are doing together, the how’s and the why’s.

The purpose of the program is not only to provide you with an exciting adventure but also to provide an introduction to the outdoors and encourage you to go out and start undertaking your own adventures in the future.